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Short Description

Kristalleon, the harlequin with a mirror costume and a floating glass harp enchants his audience with a synthesis of light and sound. This poetic, internationally renowned act transforms spaces into dream landscapes. Kristalleon plays with Symphonic Orchestras as well as for small and exquisite events. He performs as a relaxing intermission between official speeches or as the eye catcher in complex productions. He invites people to play along with him on glasses, no matter if they are 2 or 20. Or he is surrounded by his fantastic blue dancers, the goddesses of light.

PR Texts for All Stage Acts

Kristalleon -  When day turns into night, glass becomes sound, and space becomes a dream.

Kristalleon is an acoustic magician. The sounds and melodies of crystal glasses are his magic. The harlequin in the mirrored costume masterfully plays on the floating glass harp with moistened fingers. He enchants the audience with his multifaceted music - a moving experience of sound, which captivates quiet moments in the heart. Sensual – poetic – spellbinding!

The Magical Glass Orchestra  - Being part of a larger sound

Kristalleon, the harlequin in a mirror costume enchants his audience and lets them share in his art. The audience become members of a large, magical orchestra and are surprised by their own sounds. Magical and unique!

Lightingale - Goddess of Light

Love is the eternal theme … also between Kristalleon, the harlequin in a mirror costume, and his Venetian principessa in a fairylike dress of lights. She is enchanted by the fascinating melodies he plays on his flute and glass harp. They find each other through a fairytale dance and playful encounter. A musical love story played out in light and sound. Romantic – mystical – poetic!

Pas De Bleu – The Ballet of Light

The Pas de bleu performance fulfils the promise of luminous moments. Two Venetian principesse in elegant Empire style costumes, fairylike and beautiful, are transformed while they dance. Suddenly a thousand blue lights shine from their hooped skirts, décolleté, and hair. They reach new heights, as queens of the night, and become a symphony of light and dreamlike images.

Kristalleon and the Ballet of Light: Pas de Bleu

Kristalleon, the harlequin in a mirror costume and glass harp virtuoso, is accompanied by a fantastic ballet of light. Fairylike, otherworldly creatures, all in mystical blue, dance to magical glass tones and spirited rhythms through an intoxicating dream world of sound and light. Stirring – dreamlike – moving!

Comedia Mystica – Variety Show

The beautiful light fairy doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into as she intrudes into the realm of the magician Colarius. A tender love for Kristalleon arises, the harlequin in the mirror costume, who can magically elicit delicate tones from glasses. A musical game of magic about love and transformation. Sensual and passionate, mystical and astonishing!



And now ladies and gentlemen, we invite you into a dream world full of light and mirrors.
Let yourself be enthralled by the magical sounds of an unusual instrument – Experience: KRISTALLEON.


Lightingale - Goddess of Light

And now ladies and gentlemen, we invite you into a romantic dream world full of light and sounds. Let yourself be enchanted by a fairytale love story. Experience the virtuoso on a unique instrument:

Pas De Bleu – Ballet of Light.

And now ladies and gentlemen, we invite you into a dream world full of sounds, dance, and light. Let yourself be enthralled by a fantastic ballet of light danced by fairylike, otherworldly creatures. Experience: The ballet of light – PAS DE BLEU.

Kristalleon and the ballet of light Pas de Bleu

And now ladies and gentlemen, we invite you into a dream world full of dance, light and sound. Let yourself be enchanted by a fantastic ballet of light danced by fairylike, otherworldly
creatures and let yourself be enticed by the magical sounds of a unique instrument.
Experience: PAS DE BLEU, the ballet of light, presented by KRISTALLEON.

Comedia Mystica – Variety Show

And now ladies and gentlemen, we invite you into a dream world full of mystical occurrences, magic, and music. You will be astonished by this magical game about love and transformation.

A Short Biography

Christoph Müller is Kristalleon.
The virtuoso on the glass harp began his career in the Circus Roncalli and the Big Apple Circus New York. In the past 20 years he has appeared on TV and radio as the inventor of innovative musical instruments. He is the founder of the water-theatre “Aquamorphose” and has created numerous film music productions and CDs. As Kristalleon, he has toured the world in his light costumes. He has played the glass harp in the Old Opera in Frankfurt, the Circus Festival in Verona, during the Carnival in Venice, at gala events from Paris to Bangkok, from Moscow to Dallas, from Copenhagen to Singapore as well as with symphonic orchestras and in countless variety halls and theatres around the world.


How did Kristalleon come into being?  
I have always been fascinated by water, glass, light, and music. In the early 80’s I occupied myself with sound sculptures and developed the sculpture “Klangbrunnen” (Fountain of Sound). I wanted to create music without a composer. This was followed by performances with the touring theatre “Acquamorphose” with the “A Composition of the Sound of Water”, together with Christian Bollmann.
In order to make the “New Meditation Music” more versatile, I constructed the tray with the glass harp. On it the water in the glass was set into motion to modulate the sound, which at the time was unorthodox for glass musical instruments. And – the instrument was mobile. With this construction, I was able to convince Bernhard Paul, the director of the Circus Roncalli in 1988 and my dream of being in the circus and amazing audiences and giving them something to dream about became reality. The Italian touch of the harlequin matched my character and was effectively complemented by the mirror costume. The mask made it mysterious. Kristalleon was born.

What is so special about Kristalleon?
The entire concept is unique: the unity of the figure and sound, of light and music in movement and silence. Kristalleon creates a combination of dreaminess and concentration, which is easy for children to attain but a rare luxury for adults. And just as the sound of glass requires silence to resonate, Kristalleon needs darkness and light in order to shine in his numerous facets.
How did you discover the glass harp? Is it difficult to play?
I first saw the glass harp in the 80’s; when the Swiss musical-clown Track played it live in Circus Roncalli. At the time, I was working for the Circus Roncalli as the designer of circus wagons and stage props. Actually it is not harder to learn how to play the glass harp than other instruments. There are many different kinds of glass instruments: the Glass Harmonica for example, the Verophon, or the Crystal Bashet. I build and tune my own glass harps. The glasses are hand blown in glass works according to my own design. Each glass has its own sound, which is determined by shape and glass thicckness. The initial tuning is carried out by sanding the glass and then by the water that is poured in.
Kristalleon’s glass tray is probably the smallest glass instrument in regard to tone range as well as size. However, Kristalleon takes advantage of this: he makes up for the limited range of just 18 tones by using opulent half-playback or orchestral accompaniment. The interwoven mix of well-known melodies in new and striking original compositions offer a variety of constant surprises within the delicately woven layers of acoustic atmosphere.
Christoph Müller, born in 1956 in Bergisch-Gladbach, is Kristalleon, the harlequin in the mirror costume. The glass harp virtuoso began his career in the Circus Roncalli and tours the world with his spellbinding acts. He plays to enthusiastic audiences at the Circus festival in Verona, in the Big Apple Circus in New York, at the Carnival in Venice, and performs in varieties and gala events all over the world.

In the last 20 years, he has frequently been featured on radio and been on TV as the inventor of innovative instruments. He has composed numerous film scores and CDs; he creates light costumes and water sound sculptures for museums and institutions.