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  • Biography

    Kristalleon is Christoph Müller

    I was born:

    1956 in Bergisch Gladbach

    Liberal arts and graphic design in Cologne

    Studied under:
    Prof. Daniel Spoerri, Prof. Alfred Strack

    Inspired by:
    Joachim-Ernst Berendt, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Hugo Kükelhaus, Bernhard Paul

    I've worked as a:
    Graphic designer, painter and illustrator, object artist, performer, sculpture and costume developer, sound artist and musical artist

    On the road:
    in Germany and France with the sculpture "Klangbrunnen" (Fountain of Sound) in the circus wagon Mobileon (mobile art); in Germany with Christian Bollmann and the "Wasserklangtheater Aquamorphose" (Water Theater Aquamorphose).

    Concerts I gave:
    Radio and television (HR3: "Erfinderbörse" (Inventor's Exchange), SWF: "Pop Symphonie in Weiß (Pop Symphony in White), WDF: "Vor deer Flut" (Before the Flood"), Jazzfestival Tübingen - both with overtone singing and innovative instruments.

    I became Kristalleon:
    1988 - first in the Circus Roncalli.

    I had my most wonderful appearances:
    in the Big Apple Circus New York (USA tour 1992/93), at Panem et Circences in the Traumtheater (Dream Theatre) Salome, in the Carnival in Venice (Ballo Del Dogo since 1994), in Moscow, Prague, Warsaw, Florence, Barcelona (Casa Battlo), Victoria Canada, Dallas, Bangkok, Singapur, Abu Dhabi (Wintergarten Varieté in the Emirates Palace), Tivoli Copenhagen, Cirque Royal Brussel, in ensemble with Simon Stockhausen (1994), with Max Raabe & Palast Orchester (Old Opera in Frankfurt 1997), with the Philhamonie deer Nationen (Philharmony of Nations) under the direction of Justus Frantze (ZDF 1998) as well as with other symphonic orchestras (with and without ice revue), in the Höhner Rocking Roncalli Show "Simsalabim" (2004 -2007), in theaters and museums, at weddings and balls as well as in countless varieté halls in and outside of Europe.

    Filmmusik and CD productions (current: CD compilation "Sein und Schein" (Being and Appearing)).

    My hope for the future:
    is that I can continue to make people happy.

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  • Curriculum vitae

    Christoph Müller   


    JaniKings Masced Ball, Omni Frisco Hotel Texas. Schweriner Schlossgartenlust. Spanzierfest Varazdin, Croatia. Charles Kaisins SURRREALIST DINNER, Cartier Zürich. SPIRIT DREAMS Wintervarieté Fulda. Silvesterball Kurhaus Baden Baden.


    25 Jahre Benefiz Gala “DAFFODIL BALL”, Montreal. Dirk Denzers “SPIRIT DREAMS” International Varieté Festival Sennfeld. Ceremony at Gürzenich Köln: "State award NRW" for Bernhard Paul. COSMOTPOLITAN “Prix de Beauté”, Kurhaus Wiesbaden.


    Apollo Varieté Düsseldorf: KARNEVAL IN VENICE. Charles Kaisins SURREALST DINNER, 241 Jahre Louis Roederer, Reims. Königliches Varietéfestival at Füssen.

    2016 VIDEO MOBILE installation: 40 Years Circus Roncalli. SENSA-Symphonie der Sinne, Premiere at Konzerthaus Coesfeld. FABULA MAGICA in Bucaramanga Kolumbien.
    2015 Circus Roncalli Winterträume, Konzerthaus Dortmund
    2014  ERLEBENSBRUNNEN Inauguration at Schloss Reichenberg

    NUSSKNACKER with St. Petersburg Ballet, Prinzregententheater München
    Pas De Bleu Quartett for The Höhner Rockin´Roncalli Show: STERNZEITEN


    Best of Ballo del Doge, Palazzo Pisani Moretta, Venice
    Promenade dell’Arte, The Hotel Danieli, Venice
    Pas De Bleu Quartett for LOUIS VUITTON, Teatro Verde, Venice


    Comedia Mystica in the CCP Pforzheim
    Indian Wedding in Venice mit Luc Petit (Franco Dragone Productions)
    Circus Christmas of the Cirque Bouffon in Dock One, Cologne
    Media Markt Ice gala


    AQUAGRAVIPHON Water-Sound-Work of Art for the scientific museum PHAENO in Wolfsburg.

    2009 Since 15 years part of: IL BALLO DEL DOGE in the Palazzo Pisano Moretta  Venedig, SPECIAL EVENT San Diego, USA
    2008 GAUKLER (Street Perfomers) Children's festival of the Staatsoper Hanover, DINNERSHOW Englische Kirche, Bad Homburg

    TRAUMWELTEN (Dreamworlds) Dirk Denzers International Varieté Festival Sennfeld. Ice revue: WINTERZAUBER (Winter Magic) with the Munich  Symphoniker in the Philharmonie am Gasteig. 50 YEARS EU - Berliner Wintergarten Varieté in Abu Dhabi. Tournee LA DIA: Artistic musical, Netherlands


    Release of the CD "Sein und Schein" (Being and Appearing) Performance with the sound fountain at SAMUDRA CENTER in Cologne and at the KUNST DER STILLE (Art of Stillness) Festivel in Baden-Baden. Konzerthaus Dortmund: Circus meets Classic, Costume design for Märchenpark (Fairytale Park) Efteling, Netherlands PENDELINE and ORCHIFEE, Circus Roncalli: Sommerzauber (Summer Magic) in the Landestheater Linz, Austria. Light costumes: LIGHTINGALE and PAS DE BLEU. Höhner Rockin´Roncalli Show SINGSALABIM.


    Performances with the play COMEDIA MYSTICA as COLARIUS. Performance in the Varieté am Seepark, Freiburg, in the Alten Theater Heilbronn and in the GOP Varieté in Hannover and Bad Oeynhausen


    In the Frankfurter Oper with Max Raabe & Palastorchester, ZDF TV show  ACHTUNG KLASSIK (Attention Classic) with Justus Frantz and the Philharmony of Nations in the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of World Culture) in Berlin


    Circus festival in Verona, Founding member of the artistic circle Circ. Premier of IL BALLO DEL DOGE, Palazzo Pisani Moretta, Venice, Solo engagements in Victoria Canada, Copenhagen, Paris, Bangkok, Singapur, Stavanger, Moscow, Madrid, Prague, Dallas, Warsaw, New York. Release of  the CD: MAGICAL GLASSES. Cooperatoin with et al with  the Ensemble Simon Stockhausen
    CD: Musik für ein Glashaus (Music for a Glass House)


    Release of the debut CD: KRISTALLEON
    Big Apple Circus, New York, US tour


    Free-lance muscial performer with various engagements in the theatre, variety houses and at galas, as well as further TV productions: RTL, WWF, ZDF, WDR, SWF, RAI UNO, ABC-TV


    Debut and engagement as Kristalleon in the Circus Roncalli


    Graphic designer and artist in Circus Roncalli. Performance in VON-DER-HEYDT-MUSEUM Wuppertal, in the SWF-television Programme POPSYMPHONIE IN WEISS (Pop Symphony in White,  in WDR 3-KULTURSZENE (Cultural Szene) and at TRAUM-ZEIT-STILLE (Dreamtime - Stillness) in the Kunsthalle in Cologne. Concerts with experimental music in Duo AQUA MORPHOSE in the COMEDIA COLONIA, at the Jazz Festival in Tübingen and in WDR television: VOR DER FLUT (Before the Flood) in the  water tank  Severin in Cologne. MOBILE KUNST(MOBILE ART) -Journeys through the  French Pyrenaen mountains.


    University of Cologne , Department: Art and Design under et al. Daniel Spoerri. Master's student under. Prof. Strack, Degree in Free Graphic Arts and Object Construction: KLANGBRUNNEN (Sound Fountain) in the circus wagon MOBILEON. Performances and exhibits et al. for the opening of the KÖLNER JAZZHAUSES (Cologne Jazz House) and at the ERFINDERBÖRSE (Inventor's Exchange) in HR 3 television.


    Community service and free-lance work


    Fachoberschule für Gestaltung (College f. LIberal Arts), Cologne


    Johannes-Gutenberg-Realschule, Bensberg


    Grade school: Immekeppel


    Born in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

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